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The boxer

We are creating a generation of people so sheltered from real world catastrophes and failures, that they will never be able to attempt the nearly-impossible and will be afraid to ever risk anything. We celebrate those who risk and win, but humiliate those who risk and lose. It’s like we’ve sheltered this promising generation in a clear, protective bubble in which they can view the world, but never fully connect with it, because interacting with this world could lead to disappointment, resentment and hurt feelings. And, yet, it’s those negative results that spur us to try harder, think things over again and become better to meet the challenges of our day.

It’s like a boxer who trains hard to be a world champion. Some of the best lessons the boxer will ever learn will come from getting hit square in the jaw, feeling his/her knees buckle and crumbling to the canvas in utter defeat. The boxer’s lesson? When your opponent throws that kind of punch, you duck.  Also, when your opponent throws that kind of punch, see how your opponent left him/herself open, because every time a boxer throws a powerful punch, the fighter leaves him/herself open for a brief moment.

We’re training a generation of people to fight with feathers, with the only penalty of defeat being a tickle to the nose. Some of the best lessons you can learn come from being hit with a boxing glove full of a cement-like fist, crashing into your nose and unleashing a gusher of crimson blood. We’d all like to be like Muhammad Ali, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee. But even he got creamed a bunch of times and fell to the canvas. Mike Tyson was tough, but he also got knocked out eventually.

We don’t crown pillow fight champions like boxing champions, because the boxer actually risked a severe beating to earn his/her crown. Don’t be afraid to step in the ring. Don’t be ashamed to be knocked out. Champions don’t just train hard, they get hit hard, too. They’re not champions because they never got hit, they’re champions because they didn’t quit after they got hit.


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